Restoring Tomorrrow
Nov Tue 13
Restoring Tomorrrow
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM           

How do we reengage the disengaged? As this challenging question confronts religious institutions across the country, documentary “Restoring Tomorrow” seeks to answer.

“Restoring Tomorrow” tells a universal story of hope, as it focuses on a landmark house of worship that was literally crumbling and a community’s against-all-odds determination to restore it to new greatness.

Told through the eyes of filmmaker Aaron Wolf who, like so many other young people, had lost connection to his faith, but, in documenting the struggle and ultimate triumph of the restoration, he finds that he himself is restored. The film illuminates a path back to meaning and spiritual connection that can be followed by countless others of his disaffected generation.

Following the event, audiences will join Aaron and some of America’s most dynamic religious and community leaders for a dialogue about what comes next.